Tourist vouchers without transportation

  • Panoramic lift
  • Augusteum
  • The House of Fortune
  • Conception Castle
  • Roman Forum District
  • Christmas Fort
  • Civil War shelters Museum-Refugee
  • Roman Theatre Museum
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Free parking
Departure 1 hour later (13:00)
The tickets without transport allow the tourist to visit the main monuments of Cartagena, explore its archaeological past and enjoy the most important museums of the city. Take a breath, take a deep breath and enter a new magical city near the Mediterranean Sea by visiting the magnificent 6 museums. What are you waiting for to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to absorb all the culture and history of Cartagena? If you need information about the route you should follow, do not hesitate to ask the Cartagena Spain tourism technicians once they have collected your tickets without transportation at the time of check-in at the Cartagena Spain apartments, they answer your questions easily in our apartments