Museum Route of Cartagena: discover Cartagena with Cartagena Spain

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Cartagena is culture, Cartagena is spectacle and feeling in a city with more than three thousand years of history. Enjoy Cartagena with the tourist voucher through Cartagena that we put at your disposal, with which you can visit the main monuments of Cartagena, walk its streets and even enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. The tourist voucher for Cartagena, exclusive for customers who make a reservation in the tourist apartments of Cartagena Spain, can be picked up at any of our tourist accommodations upon arrival. The tourist voucher of Cartagena Spain has access to the main museums and exhibition spaces of Cartagena, from the imposing Museum of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, the incredible Interpretation Center of the Punic Wall to the Museum-Refuge of the Civil War, the Augusteum Cartagena or the magnificent views of the Conception Castle, from where you can see the past, present and future of Cartagena in the 21st century. Enter the Mediterranean and soak up the history and culture of Cartagena with the help of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas and the tourist apartments Cartagena Spain.

Panoramic lift of Cartagena

¿Do you want to see Cartagena from a certain height? The Panoramic Lift, opened in 2004 and located on Gisbert street, will take you to the Concepción Hill, hill where the Torres Park Auditorium and the Concepción Castle are. From this point you can have the best views of the fishing port of Santa Lucia and the city of Cartagena: the Roman amphitheater, el Marina Hospital (today the current headquarters of the Technical University of Cartagena), the bullring and even the Auditorium and Palacio de Congresos El Batel. In addition, if you are one of those who love modern history, you can visit at the base of the Panoramic Lift the impressive Civil War Shelters Museum, icon of the interwar Cartagena.

Augusteum of Cartagena

If you have ever wanted to feel like an emperor, in the Augusteum Museum of Cartagena you will have the opportunity to visit this temple, dedicated to the first Roman emperor Octavius Augustus. In the Augusteum you can learn about the rites performed by the Roman priests in honor of the propellant of the Roman Empire at the beginning of the 1st century AD. Of symmetrical cut and of narrow lateral corridors, the Augusteum counted in its central part with a statue of Octavio Augusto surrounded by rich marbles that will leave the tourist breathless. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Augusteum, you will discover why Cartagena became one of the strategic points of the Mediterranean during the Roman domination.

The House of Fortune of Cartagena

Visiting the House of Fortune of Cartagena is to blend with the Rome of the first century and feel one more. This archaeological site of Cartagena, which saw the light in 2000, is a complete Roman family house (domus) of a rich and popular family. In the Museum of the House of Fortune of Cartagena you can tour the triclinium or dining room, tablinum or representation room where customers were received and even the cubicles or bedrooms. In addition, the House of Fortune conserves objects that help the visitor learn about the customs of the time: crockery, lamps and personal items to which are added wall paintings and mosaics of great beauty. Check this archaeological site unparalleled throughout the Mediterranean, you will not be disappointed.

The Conception Castle of Cartagena

The Conception Castle, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and present Centre for the Interpretation of the History of Cartagena, is, next to the Roman Theater, one of the main emblems of the city of Cartagena. This fortification, which is accessed through the Panoramic Lift and has the best views of the city, has seen pass between its walls from Roman, with a temple dedicated to Esculapio, a Muslim citadel, to a medieval castle or a siren that warned the population of bombings during the Civil War. Visit the Conception castle of Cartagena is a good way to know the main ins and outs of this population, take this opportunity and go to the balcony of Cartagena from which you can breathe deeply and feel the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendor..

Roman Forum District of Cartagena

Walking on foot through the center of Cartagena is a fundamental activity with which tourists will find numerous surprises such as the Roman Forum District, one of the largest urban archaeological parks in Spain at Cerro del Molinete. In the Roman Forum District, Dated from the 1st century BC You will find a complex network of buildings with a Roman thermal spa, the Atrium Building in which the Romans celebrated religious feasts and the Sanctuary of Isis and Serapis, Egyptian gods to whom they worshiped. Thus, you can contemplate one of the main Roman vestiges of Cartagena, awarded with the National Award for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Property by the Ministry of Culture in 2012. Do not hesitate and enjoy the Roman Forum of Cartagena.

Civil war shelters museum

Cartagena, for its value as one of the maritime ports of supplies of warlike material for the most important Republican fleet in the Mediterranean, was one of the most besieged cities during the Spanish Civil War. In 1878 a hole was opened on the slope of Gisbert Street that allowed connect the Conception Hill, the highest point of the city, with the Mediterranean Sea, which later became one of several anti-aircraft shelters in Cartagena during the Civil War, which came to welcome 5,500 people. Already in 2004 it becomes a Museum-Refuge of the Civil War, allowing the tourist who visits Cartagena to observe the different galleries-refuge of the Civil War: types of shelters, the daily life during the Civil War, the passive and active defenses of Cartagena and a host of objects that are a true reflection of the society of Cartagena during the wars. Touring the Museum-Refuge of the Civil War is, thus, fundamental to understanding the future of Cartagena after the Civil War.

Punic Wall Interpretation Centre

Cartagena houses the Punic Wall, one of the few Carthaginian remains in the Iberian Peninsula, where the Punic Wars between Carthaginians and Romans would be celebrated. The Punic Wall is located between the hills of San José and Despeñaperros, where the gateway to the city would also be located, standing out as a defensive system of the Hellenistic era and as a warehouse for weapons and supplies. In the Interpretation Center of the Punic Wall we will find, next to the Punic Wall, the crypt of the hermitage of San José, built between the XVI-XIX centuries, with a rich pictorial decoration in relation to death and that housed the members of the brotherhood of San José. Do not hesitate, come to know the Punic Wall of Cartagena and enter the most vibrant Carthaginian past.

Roman Theatre Museum of Cartagena

Visit the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena is to enter imperial Rome, the gladiators and theatrical performances. Discovered at the end of the eighties on the site of the old Palace-House of the Countess Peralta, the visit to the Roman Theater Museum is an essential for any tourist who visits Cartagena with a hunger for history. This museum, structured in different rooms, provides the visitor with a unique experience with a tour of the Riquelme Palace, passing through a corridor where you can see all the preserved pieces of the excavations to finish at the Roman Theater, amphitheater of the 1st century. BC in which more than 7,000 people would fit. Do not leave Cartagena without visiting the Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena, you will live a unique experience that you will remember forever.