Sinergia Propuesta is a company incorporated in 2013 that seeks, from its origins, to make known Cartagena and its surroundings, its history, its tourism, its culture, its gastronomy, in short, Cartagena.

Sinergia Propuesta we have our own brand, Cartagena Spain, with which we intend to reach to companies and tourists. Cartagena Spain has two well-defined business lines, which translate into:

-Management of tourist accommodation. Specially designed so that companies and organizations can accommodate their workers and managers in our tourist accommodation, knowing the intrahistory of the city of Cartagena and making them feel at home in our modern tourist apartments in Cartagena.

-Intermediation in the commercialization of services and real estate through Information Technologies. Designed for those who need to rent or want an efficient management of their tourist accommodation through a defined business plan to achieve optimum performance of these accommodations.

CartagenaSpain is confidence, it is loyalty to Cartagena, it is love and commitment to a quality tourism in Cartagena that upholds the values of a thousand-year-old city. Trust us your stays or tourist accommodation in Cartagena, you will not regret it.

Promotions for companies: the best option to accommodate your employees

Cartagena is a port of cultures and unforgettable moments that have marked it forever, so Cartagena Spain wants you to enjoy all the splendor of the city during the celebration of its different events: congresses, fairs, workshops, weddings, short terms jobs and long term jobs and endless moments in which it is almost mandatory to stay in Cartagena.

Therefore, Cartagena Spain puts at your disposal and that of your organization, strategically located, the the best tourist apartments in Cartagena and Mar Menor, so that your workers and managers feel at home, making their stay in Cartagena an enduring moment in his memory.

Tourist apartments for companies, organizations and tourist agencies in Cartagena

From Cartagena Spain we offer special rates for your company, organization and / or agency. Benefit from great discounts when booking in our tourist apartments, among which we highlight:

Apartaments Centro Histórico

Your exclusive accommodation in the monumental heart
Modernity, comfort, central, spacious and with all the equipment to make your stay in Cartagena unforgettable. Easy access, have WiFi, flat TV, coffee maker, kettle... Especially suitable for workers and their families who want to stay in the city for weeks.

Apartaments Teatro Romano

A window to the Roman past 
The exclusive Teatro Romano apartments have the best views of the Roman Theater of Cartagena. Fully equipped (Wifi, flat TV, coffee maker, teapot...) and prepared for your enjoyment exclusively for our customers.

Apartaments Distrito Romano

Stay in centuries of history
Exclusive loft with private terrace for exclusive use. Located in the center of Cartagena, it has a parking space and is fully equipped, fully recommended for couples and executives.

Apartaments Horizonte Azul

Your ideal refuge in front of the sea
Spacious apartments with all the necessary equipment to enjoy the sea. It will allow its workers and managers to enjoy the Mediterranean coast in spacious and luxurious apartments.

Apartaments Metropolis

Your most modern and close tourist apartment in Cartagena
Sophistication, modernity and a lot of life await you in these tourist apartments decorated to the last detail in full Cartagena center.

Apartaments Centro Histórico II

Live Cartagena from within
2 penthouses, three apartments and a spectacular loft await you next to the Church of Charity to make your visit to Cartagena unforgettable.

Apartaments Decumano Romano

Where the most historic Cartagena surrounds you
Modern and minimalist, the Decumano Romano apartments have all kinds of comforts in the center of Cartagena.

All our tourist apartments are fully equipped and have ample and easily accessible parking spaces.

How do I access the special rates for companies, organizations and / or for tourist agencies?

Fill out our form to get the special rates. Once you have filled in and verified your information provided in this form, we will send you a link with access and download of them.

The tourist apartments that your employees deserve, the rates that your company needs.

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